Strong comunication, Modern tools, Creative atitude, Transparency. This is what we care about when we are developing with you.

We keep you in the loop

A team extension for your team

Teams get to meet in virtual meetings and discuss requirements for the project. Once we agree on the scope of work, we assemble a unit of engineers and designers to act as your team’s extension.

Single point of contact

Our team will guide you and give you a PM for your company. Directly taking and having discussions, scrums and conference calls while a senior leader remains responsible for coordination. Tools like GitHub, Jira and Confluence help everyone stay on the same page when making and documenting technical decisions.

We deliver
More than code

  • Agile & product driven

    We aim to solve your problems. Putting our engineers on the front line allows them to understand the challenges you face. The resulting solutions can therefore combine your domain knowledge with our expertise.

  • Thinking ahead

    The initial brief establishes a direction but we’re revisiting decisions when we believe a better solution exists. Short development cycles keep the inertia low allowing the project to quickly adapt to changing requirements.

We build
exceptional software

Scalable and usable

You’ll work with engineers who specialize in delivering complex systems that remain maintainable and scalable. We maintain high coding standards, automate processes to reduce maintenance costs and make sure the code is self-documenting.

Strict code reviews, automated tests, and continuous delivery help us detect problems before they arise.

At the same time our focus on usability allows us to build software that is both intuitive and easy to use

This is the tech stack we use to archive it

  • Github
  • Phoenix
  • React
  • Elixir
  • Typescript
  • Vercel
  • Graphql
  • Postgresql
  • Javascript
  • Flutter
  • Gatsby
  • Android Studio

Foxlabs developers

Custom electronic commerce, high-performance web applications, expert consulting. Whatever we do our goal is to do better.